Spa Welness

Utopiaworld's deluxe SPA service offers an exceptional experience with the magical touches of hand-picked professionals around the world in order to satisfy all kind of needs of your body.
While polishing your body with beauty cares, we will help you to find the balance of your body and soul with world-class massage rituals.

VIP Rituals

Utopia offers delightful rituals to purify your body and mind with special massage therapies fulfilled by professional therapists.

Open : 9 am-20 pm

Turkish Hamam & Sauna

Sauna offers delightful experiences to purify your body and mind with special massage therapies and traditional bath rituals fulfilled by professional therapists.

Open: 9am-20pm

Massage & Resting Rooms

Utopia World Hotel Spa Center offers a relaxing therapy experience in the massage rooms, which is designed on the basis of low temperature provides a peaceful sigh of relief with warm clouds of steam.

Open 9am:20pm

Fitness Center

Как насчет поддержания формы во время отпуска вашей мечты?

Utopia World Hotel приглашает наших уважаемых гостей, которые не могут бросить спорт и хотят энергично начать свой день, в наш достойный фитнес-центр, оснащенный современным оборудованием.